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Some pieces of information contained on this website, such as product description, prices and/or disponibility, are submitted to mistakes. mood.'s virtual store reserves the right of rectifying those mistakes and omissions, updating and changing this information anytime as much as we need without previous warning. This rule will never run against ethical limits between the company and the respect partnership and trust we have with our consumers.

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Responsibility exemption

We are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by: (a) any impression or less complement information, delays, interruptions, errors or absences on the data supplies present on this site; (b) any decision or action taken by the user or third parties, based on this information.


Our company is comprised to respect your privacy and ensure secrecy of all and any information given by you. We follow rigid security standards and confirmability in order to protect your personal information.

An exception to extraordinary cases when the company receives a legal determination, your personal information won't be sent to third parties or used for another purpose different from the one was collected for.

We recommend you to check this policy regularly because it is liable to changes without a previous warning.

Our privacy policy goal is to demonstrate how compromised we are with the privacy and security of the information collected from the consumers. This information helps us to improve our attendance and the site, making your experience gets even better each time.

The information collected at the register is saved in a data bank confident and well protected. Any email sent to your mailbox will be through our newsletter.

Payment options

On the virtual store, you pay using the credit card flags: Visa, Mastercard, Diners, Elo, and American Express.

All the payment process is made in a totally safe ambiance. For more information, read Privacy.

At the end of your purchase, you won't be able to modify the payment option.

About the products

We want to show our products in the virtual store as well as we can, however, the colorways and prints are susceptible to suffer hue variations due to the calibration of your screen.

Prices and product availability are passable to changes without a previous warning.

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